We’ve complied some of our most frequently asked questions, and answered them to help you learn more about us. 

Key Design & Media is a leading creative agency helping CPG brands bring ideas from concept to final deliverable with professional video, photography, and design. We firmly believe that the visual language of marketing is a powerful way to create connections between brands and consumers. We don’t do cookie-cutter solutions. Instead we collaborate with you to truly understand your brand’s vision, personality, and audience. This means your brand stands out visually while remaining true to who you are. Our founder Keisha Pyzynski is a go-to expert for beauty brands worldwide in need of strategy-driven visual marketing.

Key Design & Media is a creative agency that partners with local, national, and international CPG brands and agencies. We work with brands of all sizes, from start-ups all the way through to established brands. We’re ready to help you at any stage! We’re happy to work with you directly, or connect with your in-house marketing team.

No.  All creative work is done in-house at Key Design & Media by our team. 

Yes! We’re happy and more than able to work with clients across the country. Whether it’s regular virtual meetings, email check-ins, or phone calls, we can adapt to your communication preferences and schedule. We work Monday to Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time, and we respond to all messages within 48 hours during office hours.

We don’t charge for consultations. We’re a collaborative agency, so to us that initial consultation of 30 minutes or less is part of getting to know you. After this initial consultation, we’ll have a better sense of who you are and what you want to accomplish. If we both decide to work together after this, we’ll follow up with another meeting to discuss your project’s specific needs and goals with you, as well as pricing options.

Yes, we require a deposit for all projects. Depending on the scope and factors associated with your project, the deposit can be 50-60% of the total cost. All fees and costs will be discussed with you before we begin work together.