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A Reliable Creative Agency With Large-Scale Results.

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Clean Visual Direction That Highlights the Core of Your Brand

With Key Design and media as your partner, your next successful project is underway. Our clean and minimalist visuals inspire, engage and fit perfectly into the lifestyles of your target audience. Our work opens the door to connection between you and your customers by providing a creative and cohesive visual brand story.

the team

We are a creative, collaborative Team

Keisha P.

Founder | Creative Director + Designer

Josh P.

VP | Cinematographer, Editor


Photographer | Videographer

Leslie G.

Motion Artist

Emmi G

Graphic Designer

Our Key Technique

Your company’s insight is integral to our process. From start to finish, we work closely with your team to create a coherent visual project that reflects your brand’s vision. Our experts establish a visual story that fosters a meaningful connection between your company and its customers.

Strategic Analysis

We begin each project diving deep to establish a clear understanding of who your audience is, and what resonates with them. We work collaboratively with your marketing team to gather insight, information, and resources that are relevant to your company to build out the framework of your successful project.

Intuitive Creativity

Our creative process is down to a science. Our team takes the time to bring your ideas into reality with methodical and critical-thinking skills combined with passion and enthusiasm. Here, we use range of techniques to brainstorm visual concepts and ideas to ensure the brand strategy matches the final visual design. 

Unlocking Your Brand’s Vision

Once the final design concept and strategy is approved, we consult with your team, providing direction on the appropriate tactics and distribution channels to best optimize your visual content to create a compelling experience for your customers.

Our Vision

In this growing market, we are working to grow and increase our capacity for our target market by incorporating innovative services and expanding our circle of creatives that meet the needs of an emerging digitally-led market.

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