Digital content strategies to support your hair brand marketing

How can your hair brand uplevel its marketing with digital content? As a beauty brand creative team, we’re always monitoring the latest digital content strategies that can give hair brands the best results. Here are some of our favorite digital content ideas that can do wonders for your hair brand’s marketing efforts.

Before and after posts

Before and after posts are perfect for showing the fantastic results of your hair brand’s products. Potential customers can see for themselves how your products can fit into their routine and form an immediate connection to your brand. Consider filming a video of a complete haircare routine, or shooting before and after images you can repurpose on your social platforms. We love this immediately effective example from EDEN BodyWorks:

If you opt to use content created by your customers for before and after posts, be sure to get permission before you do so, and credit and tag them to spread the love!

Educational content

Video should be a key part of your hair brand’s beauty content creation strategy. Research has shown that 83% of people would rather learn something by watching a video, so it’s the perfect way to educate and inspire your audience. Film product tutorials for YouTube and Instagram to help customers really get to know your products. Focus on sharing the benefits of your hair brand’s products in an engaging and brand-aligned way. Use these videos wherever possible on social media, and be sure to link back to your website to increase brand awareness.

Create both long and short form video content

In our last blog post, we talked about the benefits of dividing your long form video into shorter, shareable clips. This is a really efficient way to use existing video content to deliver value to your audience. Short form videos are attention-getting, and long form videos get higher engagement, so it’s important to use both in your hair brand marketing strategy.

As a beauty creative agency, we love producing branded video content that inspires and educates. Our clients have used video for commercials, product videography, testimonials, how-tos, and tutorials. Whether you’re repurposing long form video or shooting casual behind-the-scenes clips every day, video content can’t be overlooked for your hair brand.

Cross-promote with other brands on giveaways

Partnering with other brands on giveaways allows your hair brand to promote your products to a wider audience. The keys here are to work with a brand that’s related but not a direct competitor, and keep the giveaway mutually beneficial for both of you.

Here’s a great example from EDEN BodyWorks, a body and hair care brand. They partnered with hair styling tools brand Eternally in Amber to give away a gift set of hair care products that customers of both brands would love.

Engage your audience by talking about their hair concerns

Hair care can be a highly personal experience, and customers may not always know how your products can help them. Make education and guidance part of your hair brand content strategy to engage your audience. You can offer recommendations based on hair texture, create a series of posts highlighting ingredients that address specific hair needs, or hold a live Q&A on social media where customers can ask specific questions about fitting your products into their hair routines.

Create immersive product photography

Professional product photography is an important part of hair and beauty content creation. Take your audience deeper into your brand with immersive photography. Here are some ideas to help your hair brand product photography go above and beyond:

  • Consider the entire scene. For example, photograph your products being used in salons, or create a setup that relates to the overall feeling of your brand.
  • Show the product being used. Get creative and think of attention-getting ways you can show the positive effects of your product.
  • Use people wherever possible. Research shows that more than half of consumers respond positively to brands featuring people in their marketing. This is a great way to highlight a more “lifestyle” feeling with your hair brand.
  • Get up close. Whether it’s a cream, oil, mousse, butter, or balm, try highlighting the textures of your hair products with a close-up photo. Customers can better visualize your products as part of their routine, and you can take the opportunity to discuss their benefits.

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