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How different creative agency roles work together for your brand

From graphic designers to videographers to package designers and more, a strong creative team can benefit your brand. Here are a few creative roles you should know, and how they work together for your brand’s success.

Creative directors

Creative teams, big or small, are led by a creative director. A creative director holds the overall vision for each branding project, gives guidance to their team, and oversees each component of the big picture. They are often the liaison between you and the rest of the creative team, and ensure that your brand’s story comes to life in the best way for your brand. 

Graphic designers

Graphic designers are one of the most common creative roles that can help your brand. Whether it’s a logo, business cards, brand colors – and more, graphic designers create eye-catching and consistent visuals that your audience will immediately associate with your business.

Web designers

Web designers are experts in representing your brand online, designing and building a professional website that meets your needs. Because each brand needs different capabilities from a website, a good web designer creates a site that’s user-friendly, responsive, secure, and brand-aligned. 

Package designers

Good package design is about more than incorporating your logo and the correct brand colors. As a link between visual design and a tangible product, package design immerses customers in the full experience of your brand. Package designers can visualize what will attract your customers to your product on the shelf. They create attention-getting labels, innovative and user-friendly packaging, and are in the know about the latest ways to improve.


Professional photography is more than just a nice-to-have – it’s another impactful tool in your brand’s visual identity. Photographers will take the branding vision developed by the creative director and ensure that your brand’s product, lifestyle, and fashion photography are unmistakably you.


Video production is a powerful way to connect with your audience. In fact, according to Social Media Week, 78% of people watch videos online each week, and 72% of customers actually prefer learning through video. A videographer uses professional industry techniques to create and edit commercials, testimonials, interviews, social media content, explainer videos, and more. These high-quality, brand-aligned videos can be used in a variety of ways to help your brand make a strong impact.


Effective written content helps tie a brand’s visual elements together. A copywriter creates engaging copy for websites, blog posts, ads, newsletters, social media captions, video scripts and more. This copy will reflect your brand’s creative vision, and is tailored to be effective for each format.

Each creative team is different – some have roles that are a combination of one or more of the above, while others have a few people performing the same basic role, just with unique specializations. Other teams have niche roles not listed here. But no matter the form a creative team takes, its different roles work together to create cohesive, brand-aligned visuals for the success of your business. Do you need clean and cohesive creative services? Key Design & Media is a beauty creative agency based in Central Florida that partners with local, national and international brands and agencies to deliver strategy-driven visual brand experiences. Get in touch today to find out more!