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5 important ways graphic designers can improve your brand

When you started your brand, you probably reached out to a graphic designer to help with the basics to get you going, such as a logo and business cards.

But what if we told you that graphic designers are an indispensable component in growing your brand long-term?

Here are 5 important ways graphic designers can improve your brand.

1) Graphic designers create image consistency

Think of your favorite, most recognizable brands. You can probably pick out their visual style in any social media post, ad, or newsletter. That visual signature is thanks to a good graphic designer who knows that consistency is the key to brand recognition. You only get a second to make an impression, so look to a graphic designer to make that second count.

2) Graphic designers get your audience’s attention

Research has shown that visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text. Whether it’s an infographic on Instagram or an ad in their favorite magazine, your audience will notice your brand’s visuals before anything else. Graphic designers will help to capture your audience’s attention so you can engage with them in a meaningful way.

3) Graphic designers help improve your brand’s reputation

A graphic designer can go miles in helping your brand develop a professional, credible, and dependable reputation. Investing in well-designed visual components tells your audience that your brand is around for the long term.

4) Graphic designers know what works best for each platform

What gets results in a newsletter is different than what gets results in a Facebook ad. Graphic designers are trained to pivot and adapt depending on the medium or platform. This means that no matter where your brand shows up, a graphic designer can make sure it happens the way your audience responds to best.

5) Graphic designers can anticipate your marketing needs

In our increasingly visual world, graphic design and marketing are linked, and designers are on top of the latest trends and functionalities that can improve your brand. What’s more, they’ll know which of these trends can be incorporated into your existing branding, and which might not achieve your goals. A good graphic designer can help your brand evolve and grow without sacrificing the things that your clientele loves.  

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