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Creative Social Media Ideas During The Pandemic

The pandemic has forced brands to get creative in their marketing. And with more people at home looking at their phones, utilizing social media can be a fun and unique way to connect with your audience. Here are some creative social media ideas brands are trying during the pandemic.

  • Quick behind-the-scenes videos showing the brand’s process or a day in the life.
  • Livestreamed lessons on anything from dance to yoga to floral arrangement.
  • Virtual tours of closed-to-the-public galleries, exhibitions, or attractions.
  • Creating branded GIFs, filters or presets for people to use on Instagram and TikTok.
  • Holding creative Instagram photo challenges.
  • Live performances, readings, or interviews.
  • Live Q&A sessions on Instagram and Facebook with you, your team, or your partners, no matter where you are.
  • Twitter Q&A sessions with your audience, using a branded hashtag.
  • Sharing uplifting or inspiring content from your audience.

Want some more inspiration? Here are a few examples we really liked.

Getty Museum’s Instagram art re-creation photo challenge 

Originals by Africa’s Best gets their audience (and their kids!) involved in fun challenges using their products 

You Good, Sis embraces community and wellness with regular meditation, fitness, and home-centered events virtually 

Canva holds a #CanvaChallenge design challenge on Twitter, giving away three prizes and promoting audience creativity

Hello Fresh’s #HelloAtHome Facebook videos show staff members cooking in their home kitchens.

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